Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse Wiki

A game I started to make once in April 2003. And now, three years later, its finally finished! Its an exspansion to the first HC RC, but you dont need the orgi


nal to play it.

This game is hard! If you thought the first one was hard, this one is nightmare! So, if you dont have nerves to play games You have to Practise alot, this one Is not for you.

The evil is back.And you, Richard Knight, you have to stop it once again. This time there is something bigger and stronger awaiting you ... A big challenge!

The game includes:

  • 2 different worlds (18 levels)
  • 4 bosses!
  • 13 weapons
  • 1 secret weapon (No Mercy mode only)
  • Can carry three weapons (3 weapons only if you got blue \ yellow armor)
  • 20 + monsters
  • Saving, continue and password system
  • Full framed play area
  • Challenging Levels